Architecture and Nature in Balance

Jack Thomas Associates is an award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm in Park City, Utah, dedicated to creating beautiful, sustainable, and innovative residential and commercial designs. We pride ourselves at pinpointing the intersection where natural beauty and man-made design combine into stunning architectural elegance and functionality.

We specialize in high-elevation terrain, and we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that help preserve resources and ensure the longevity of your unique architectural design.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Us for Your Next Project

Concept To Completion

Exceptional buildings start with a dream. We work with you to create a beautiful and viable vision of your future project.

We then ensure that it is built upon the strongest design foundation and to the highest construction standards.

Precise Documents

We create detailed and comprehensive construction documents, which leave little room for interpretation during the construction process. This helps ensure that projects are completed to our exacting standards, on time, and on budget.

Contractors generally bid our projects at up to 15% less due to precise documentation.

Mountain Architecture Expertise

We are experts on the site-specific factors unique to the Wasatch Mountain region that can impact the home design of high-elevation structures, such as mountain terrain, climate conditions (including heavy snow loads), and season lengths.

Our knowledge of sun exposure, local flora and native materials allows us to incorporate elements of natural beauty into your mountain home.

Construction Costs on Budget

By creating viable, sustainable, and site-specific designs and providing clear and precise documentation, we are able to ensure that our cost estimates coincide with the finishing costs.

Environmentally Conscious

We are dedicated to discovering new and innovative ways to implement environmentally responsible design elements and minimize site impact.

This includes the use of reclaimed materials and technologies that enhance energy consumption and natural thermal efficiency.